Work isn't the only time I like to code. These are a few of my personal software projects.

Command Line Solitaire Screenshot

Command Line Solitaire

RustWhy? Well, I wanted a little project to help learn Rust. Turns out Rust is pretty cool. I'll definitely be using it more.

Battle of Word Screenshot

Battle of Words

React LogoA word-making game written with ReactJS using the Material-UI library. My wife likes word games, and I thought she might enjoy this. I like the game too, and I'm thinking about doing more with it.

Try It Out


Javascript LogoA javascript package to reduce some of the boilerplate of using Sagas in your React-Redux applications.

NPM Logo

Linkedlistpup and Enumpup

Javascript LogoA couple of utilities available as javascript packages.

Linkedlistpup Enumpup
This website

This Website

Gatsby LogoI guess this is a project too. I created this website using Gatsby to try out Gatsby and to make sure it was fast. I've done some Wordpress sites as well.